Industrial Staffing Is What We Do

The Leading Supplier of Industrial Staffing Help

You won’t find another industrial staffing firm with this unique recruiting approach. Combined with traditional techniques (including newspaper advertising, job boards, and career fairs), ProStar gains access to a cross-section of almost 20% of the market: active job seekers.

Though this pool of available workers contains very skilled and talented candidates, it does not provide the best look of resources for your needs. This is where we excel! Our concentration on Warehouse, Logistics and Production arenas allows us to maintain a network of potential industrial staffing candidates. Through this network, we have tapped into the remaining 80% of the marketplace.

This vital 80% contains the working professionals that are currently productive in their roles and highly valued by their current employers. Using our direct recruiting plans and through a broad network, we offer you a view of the top talent for your needs.

We’ll ensure you have the right players on your team.

With team members who have industry experience in industrial staffing dating nearly 50 years, we’ve developed long-term and valuable relationships with our clients along with the professionals we place. Many of our clients consider us an extension of their teams.